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Best Time To Visit Auli In 2023

Being a tourist, it’s very hard to find a perfect destination for a trip. There are many destinations in India where you can spend your summer, and Auli is one of them. But many travelers don’t know the best time to visit Auli Uttrakhand.

That’s why we come forward to help them. This article is purely based on the Best time to visit Auli. You know summer is coming, and no one wants to spend the summer laying in bed. Snow is the main reason why we chose Auli for our summer vacation. In summer, We have to bear too much heat, and this is the reason why many tourists decide to plan a trip to cold places.

Snowfall at Auli starts at the end of November and lasts for 4 months. Except during the Monsoon season, You can visit Auli in whichever season you want throughout the year. The summer season is the busiest season for Auli when prices for flights and accommodations go too high.

On the other hand, the Monsoon is the off-peak season in Auli. Tourists prefer the monsoon season because of the heavy rainfall. Several tournaments and events are also organized locally. The summer, however, is best for people who want to do more touring because of the area’s beautiful flowers and tree blossoms.

Best Time To Visit Auli

Best Time To Visit Auli for snow
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In the winter, you may engage in a range of adventurous sports activities in Auli, which is home to several luxurious ski resorts. The neighboring hiking, skiing, snowboarding, sunrises, and sunsets make Auli the ideal getaway for visitors.

The ideal time to visit Auli, even for honeymooners, is from December to February. In Auli, couples may enjoy a nice time thanks to the pleasant weather and magnificent Himalayan sights. 

Peak Season: Winter is the peak season at Auli and is considered the best time to visit Auli Uttrakhand. The winter season starts in October and lasts until March. So you have 4-5 Months in between to plan a trip to Auli.

However, That doesn’t mean summer is off-season. Even many tourists prefer the summer season to visit Auli. The reason behind it might be less hustle and bustle. But you don’t expect snow in the summer. This means you will not be able to enjoy skiing and snowboarding.

Off-Peak Season: The Monsoon is considered an Off-peak season in Auli. Tourists avoid planning a trip to Auli during the monsoon season. If we plan a trip in the monsoon, all we get is heavy rainfall and a cold breeze. However, Flight tickets and accommodation prices are way too low.

Auli’s Summer Season – April To June

It’s the perfect time for a family vacation because the temperature is between 7°C and 20°C throughout this period. You should reserve your Auli vacation package much in advance, though, since it is the busiest time of year.

This is the best time to visit Auli Uttarakhand, for sightseeing. As the snowy mountains and peaks blossom with lush green coverings of trees, deodars, and oak trees. The location is crowded with people because it is the summer vacation season and the sun is warm in the mild air.

On their way to Kedarnath, many tourists stop in Auli or Sanctioned because of the Badri Kedar festival, which is held in June. If you are looking for a place to tour, then Auli will be your dream destination.

Things To Carry: The temperature at Auli goes down in the evening, so pick cotton clothing and light sweaters on the trip. Decent shoes are also advisable because of the rough terrain. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, Moisturizer, and Sunglasses.

Auli’s Monsoon Season – July To September

Best Time To Visit Uttrakhand
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During the Indian Monsoon Season, Auli has considerable rainfall. One popular destination during the monsoon is The Valley Of Flowers, where the flowers are in full bloom and make for a lovely spectacle.

As September is the month of the Mata Murti ka Mela at the Badrinath Temple, the region is also packed with devotees from Kedarnath and Badrinath who are mingling in and around Auli. Auli’s doors are open to you even in the rain, and you are invited to attend this event or hike through the Valley of Flowers.

The number of tourists coming to Auli is very low. You will get many discounts on Flight and Ticket prices if you plan a trip during the monsoon season. You can check out the Goibibo Website for more discounts and coupons. When visiting Auli, it is important to pack warm clothing as the temperature can become mild.

Additionally, it is recommended to bring an umbrella and waterproof jacket, as moderate to heavy rainfall is expected. To stay hydrated during your trip, do not forget to bring a water bottle.

Auli’s Winter Season: October To March

The season of Auli snowfall begins in the winter. In the winter, snow covers this gorgeous area. The visitors, though, are not particularly bothered by the harsh weather. As a result, Auli is now a popular ski resort in India and draws visitors from all over the world.

Numerous people plan trips to Auli in the winter to take advantage of the snow and adventure sports. The best time to visit Auli for snow is from December to February. Don’t forget to enjoy snowboarding and skiing in Auli.

By January, the surface has a nearly 3-meter-deep carpet that is suitable for skiing. Wintertime lows can reach -2°C, while highs are limited to 10°C. The best time to visit Auli is often considered as the end of winter and the beginning of summer, as these months are when the biggest skiing competitions and festivals are held.

Things to Carry: Pick Clothes to bear Cold temperatures and a windproof jacket. Mufflers, gloves, and woolen socks are also essential in the winter Season. Don’t forget to carry moisturizer and sunscreen to protect yourself from UV rays.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is the best time to visit Auli in the summer?

In Short, April is the right answer. The average temperature in Auli in April ranges from 7°C to 17°C, and the climate is mild. Daytime temperatures are sunny and suitable for outdoor activities.

What is the best time to visit Auli for snowfall?

Winter is the best time to visit Auli as the snow starts to fall. Snowboarding and skiing can be done in the winter season.

What is the best time to visit Auli for honeymoon?

Newlyweds couples can plan a trip to Auli in Winter. Snow starts to fall in the winter season. In which they can play snow games and capture beautiful memories.


Auli is one of the best destinations in India. You can visit Auli with your family and loved ones to explore natural beauty and snowfall. We are giving 10/9.5 to this beautiful destination. We hope that article might be helpful for you.

Let us clear that the best time to visit Aula Uttrakhand depends on your taste. If you are going for a honeymoon then the winter season would be a better option. It’s crucial to remember that the weather in Auli may be unstable, and conditions may differ from year to year.

It’s a good idea to look up the local weather forecast and make travel plans accordingly. Additionally, it’s advised to reserve hotels and activities in advance, particularly during the peak season.

Whether you like trekking or watching the snowfall. If you have any suggestions for us, then let us know in the comment section. Please Bookmark the website for more interesting articles and share the article with your friends. Have a nice day!

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