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Best Time To Visit Chikmagalur In 2023

Are you planning to visit Chikmagalur? and looking for the Best Time to visit Chikmagalur? then you will get it here. Many travelers are not familiar with the weather in Chikmagalur, whether it’s hot or cold. So that’s why we came up with a powerful guide.

One of the best hill towns in India is Chikmagalur. It is situated in the western ghats at the foot of the Mullayangiri peak and is well known for its cocoa farms, beautiful environment, and good weather.

This coastal area is lined with fog hills, flowing waterfalls, and endless lush forests. As the area changes color with the seasons, you can visit any time of the year because the weather doesn’t change significantly. However, the best time is up to your purpose of visit.

So, you got an answer to your question, What is the best time to visit Chikmagalur? But If you still want to know the best time to visit Chikmagalur according to your preferred weather type, then stick to the article.

Best Time To Visit Chikmagalur

Best Time To Visit Chikmagalur
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Chikmagalur is best visited between September and May when temperatures range from 14 to 35 degrees Celsius. The weather is more favorable to enjoy Chikmagalur’s beauty and top attractions thanks to the cool, fresh air.

Peak Season – The peak season has temperatures between 14°C and 32°C. This period falls between September and February. The chill that pervades Chikmagalur throughout the winter inspires you to discover the town’s way of life in addition to its many attractive places and beautiful surroundings.

Off-peak Season: April to August, December to February, and June to September are considered off-peak seasons.

Chikmagalur’s summer season – March to June

The summer season in Chikmagalur lasts from March to June. The temperature varies between 25 and 35 degrees Celsius throughout this time of year with a clean, refreshing breeze.

Chikmagalur does not experience the heat as intensely as other areas of Karnataka do because of the cold wind that blows across the western ghats, which controls the temperature.

Tourists are welcomed by the good weather and fresh wind to discover this hill station’s attractiveness. Explore the different hiking routes in and around this town at this time of year. In general, the summer is the best time to visit Chikmagalur, especially for those who don’t like hot temperatures.

Moreover, You will get a special discount in the summer season on tickets and accommodations because the summer season is considered an off-peak season and fewer tourists will be seen in this season.

Tips for Summer Season – To remain warm and protect yourself from the sun, be sure to pack sunglasses and sunscreen. Always pack easy-to-move-in cotton and lightweight clothing. Do not forget to pack insect repellents. Make sure the resorts you pick are easily accessible and located nearby.

Chikmagalur’s Monsoon Season – July To September

Chikmagalur is covered in dazzling raindrops at this time of year, making everything shine. The hill station is at its best now, making it the best time to visit Chikmagalur. Your drive through the Western Ghats will be unforgettable thanks to the beautiful fields, recently cleaned roadways, and carpeted hills.

In Chikmagalur, the monsoon season begins in July and lasts through September. As the raindrops generate fog around the hill, now is the time to witness the surreal beauty of this town. Rain raises the waterfalls to their highest point, and the dense fog makes its way through them even more beautiful.

Since this is Chikmagalur’s off-season, it is the ideal time to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend some time in the natural surroundings. However, the drizzle makes the road slick, and the fog distorts the valley, making it challenging to capture the ideal picture. The weather report should be checked before planning a trip.

Tips For Monsoon Season – Wear lightweight, water-resistant clothing to protect yourself from severe rainfall. Before leaving the house, always have an umbrella and some bug spray.

Chikmagalur’s Winter Season – September to February

Winter in Chikmagalur is beautiful, making it a fantastic time to consume coffee. The peak of the town is covered in a layer of fog, adding to its attractiveness in the cold, pleasant, and breezy winter weather.

A sight to behold is the dry, typically foggy sky of winter with splotches of clear, sunny light during the day. Once more, this is the best time to travel to Chikmagalur, go hiking, or explore the surroundings in search of unknown streams and waterfalls.

Festivals that you will remember long after you leave Chikmagalur to follow the winter season. The Bhuta Kola festival, which is celebrated in December, is one of the major attractions of this time of year.

Invoking spirits, gods of all types, ancestors, and heroes through performance-based rituals is the goal of this event, which is also known as the dance of the spirits. This event is a complete ritual in and of itself, not just a dancing performance. It is advised to pack some warm clothing for the winter because, while the days become lovely, the evenings may get a little freezing.

As many visitors come to this town to celebrate Christmas, December and January are the peak months of this season. To receive the best rates, it is important to make bookings during these months when hotels become more expensive.

Tips For Monsoon Season – It may get cool in the mornings and at night, so bring winter coats, lightweight jackets, and blankets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Which is the Best time to visit Chikmagalur for a Honeymoon?

The ideal season for newlyweds to visit Chikmagalur is from December to June, when the weather is perfect for exploring the town, and the romantic mood is increased by the beautiful fog and cool air.

How many days are sufficient for Chikmagalur?

To experience the best of this hill station, three days and two nights would be sufficient. You get three days to spend discovering the lofty mountain peaks, historic temples, tumbling waterfalls, and amazing coffee plants.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Chikmagalur?

Although Chikmagalur has a lovely climate all year long, the finest months to experience Chikmagalur’s beauty are March, April, and May. The temperature in these months ranges from 18 to 29 degrees Celsius. It is also the ideal time to visit Chikmagalur due to the cold, crisp breeze coming from the western ghats.


Chikmagalur is a very beautiful place to visit and explore. We share every bit of information regarding the seasons in Chikmagalur, and now it’s up to you to choose the best one for a trip. Every season has its advantages, so choose wisely. We always advise our audience to keep an eye on flight and lodging costs before traveling anywhere.

In the winter season, Many tourists visit Chikmagalur, so the prices of accommodations are quite high compared to the usual prices. You can book tickets in advance via Goibibo and EaseMyTrip.

You will have an enjoyable experience in the winter season of Chikmagalur as compared to the monsoon and summer. Hence, it’s the best time to visit Chikmagalur, Karnataka.

That’s all from our side! We hope that the article is quite helpful for you. If you are still wondering when the best time to visit Chikmagalur is, then comment below. We will help you in finding the right time for you. Please share the article with your fellow readers, and don’t forget to bookmark this website. Have a nice day!

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